Davidson Code Concepts, LLC

Originally operating as a sole proprietorship starting in 1990 and incorporating as an LLC in 2001, the firm operates as a consulting business servicing the design profession, legal profession, business community, manufacturers, installers, insurance industry, construction industry, educational institutions and the code enforcement community across the United States; specializing in codes and standards development; educational presentations; code compliance analysis; solution development; post incident code review; and expert testimony. 

The firm places special emphasis on the concepts behind the code requirements. Understanding why a particular section of code exists and what it is trying to accomplish provides the targeted audience with better comprehension of the meaning of various code sections and this assists in developing a wider range of code compliant applications and solutions.

All of our associates are accomplished experts in their given fields with years of practical experience applying the topics to real world projects. They are experienced supervisors, plan reviewers, inspectors, course instructors, and fire service members.